Counsellor Academic life is a bewildering maze marked by intense competition, peer pressure and stress, not to mention the unrelenting dilemma of making right career choices. Students are plagued by confusion, doubts and negative thoughts. In this scenario, the education counsellor provides valuable advice. Education counsellors not only just build careers but also work as a support system that helps youngsters grow as individuals and professionals.

Duties and responsibilities

Education counsellors play an important role in the career planning process of students. In the muddle of hundreds of enticing career options, they assist students in making prudent career decisions after evaluating abilities, interests and skills through interviews, personality and aptitude assessments, etc. The mutually chosen career path is best suited to the candidate’s profile, interests and limitations, if any.

They proceed to plan and individualise study programmes with realistic academic goals, strategies to achieve them and guidance towards success. They have an abundant supply of information on educational opportunities, application process for college training programmes, study abroad options, apprenticeships, scholarships, financial aid and so on.

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