Associate professor

An associate professor is an instructor at a private or public college or university who ranks just below a full professor.

Associate professors instruct students, mediate classroom dialogue, score assignments and develop lesson plans.


They also work with students in the formulation and implementation of research. Publishing in scholarly journals is another key element of working as an associate professor.


The need to both teach and complete research can be demanding, but many professionals find this career path to be fulfilling since they instruct college-level students who are also passionate about their subject of study.

Work schedules are often flexible and many associate professors get summers off.


Getting into this career field typically requires at least a master’s degree, but many employers require a doctoral degree in the individual’s chosen field of interest. Teaching and research experience as a graduate assistant,

lecturer or assistant professor is also helpful for getting into this career. The key skills that an associate professor include critical thinking skills, communication skills, knowledge of instruction and classroom management. According to in 2016, the median wage for an associate professor was $72,235.

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