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What’s new for job seekers?

We’ve introduced a new jobactive, powered by JobSearch website to make your search for jobs easier and better than ever. It has all the features that you’ve already come to expect of JobSearch. We’ve also listened to your feedback and have introduced a range of improvements to give you more choices and to help you manage your search for jobs.

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Principal of The Week

[edsanimate_start entry_animation_type= “bounceIn” entry_delay= “0” entry_duration= “6” entry_timing= “linear” exit_animation_type= “” exit_delay= “” exit_duration= “” exit_timing= “” animation_repeat= “1” keep= “yes” animate_on= “load” scroll_offset= “” custom_css_class= “”] [edsanimate_end] Dr. Y. Madhavee Latha, as Principal of MRECW has always been a very proactive person and has involved herself in all the activities of the College. She has always evinced great involvement with

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5 easy ways to boost your professional development

For many, the term ‘professional development’ conjures ideas of conferences, specialised training, formal education, time commitments and large expenses. But it shouldn’t, as it’s so much broader and more easily accessible than that. Professional development is all about learning and building on the skills and knowledge you have so that you can keep pushing the boundaries of what you can

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